DSP speaker settings distortion problem

When I’m trying to add a little bit of gain on my right speaker I get some distortion on my left speaker.

My left speaker is 6” from the back wall and 17” from the side wall where is my Built-in audio furniture.
My right speaker is 6” from the back wall and there is a open space on is side.
There is 6’ between both Kef 107 and 10’ from my listening place equal for both side.

The problem I get is a little bit more loudness on the left side due to the room configuration so the center Is shifting. when I’m adding 1dB on the right the music more centred but then I get distortion.

I did put the distance of my speakers in the DSP speakers settings.
I don’t have measuring instruments so I use my ears to center the music and it work good.

Is it better to add gain on the right or to subtract gain on the left?
What would cause the distortion when I use the DSP settings?


EQ wisdom #1: always substract, never add.


That doesn’t make sense, actually, unless your channels are physically swapped.

Better to substract from the louder channel.

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Ok, I will try this weekend to subtract gain on my left channel to see if the distortion disappear.
I will be back with my observation Monday probably.