DSP speaker settings removes/hides MQA in signal path

Reading about the MQA problem on the Nad M10 (switch off your speaker settings in the DSP and the MQA is visible again on the signal path) I was wondering about the other Bluesound products. And yes, switching on speaker settings in DSP, is removing MQA renderer from the signal path for bluesound powernode, bluesound powernode 2 and bluesound vault2

So is that DSP in Roon?

Yes, in all cases I look at the signal path overview which I get by clicking on the Roon DSP “light” after making the speaker changes in the Roon DSP settings (I use Roon on a nuc)

OK, so your best option is to keep the DSP but make the output fixed or device volume. Switch off MQA processing in Roon and set the DAC settings to decoder and renderer. It should then apply DSP but preserve the MQA signalling and let the Bluesound device do all of that.

Known problem, see here:

What I’ve found since posting this initially, is what has kicked MQA off the signal path is adding ‘distance’ settings to the speaker setup. With that engaged, doesn’t seem to matter what I do, MQA doesn’t fully engage. If I only use a gain setting to help with centering the sound stage, then MQA is still there. Except, with the introduction of Roon 1.7, on the display of the DS Jr, instead of MQA showing, there is Unk. The signal path reads correct (and it seems to sound correct) but until Roon/PSA sort out it out, have no way to tell. The issue has been reported to both, but no definitive answer as yet.