DSP Up-Sampling features in Roon 1.3

They got it initially to use together with HQP up-sampling because the GUI is light years better. But after finding the free Daphile software sounded better they had regrets. But now with the improvements I’m hearing positive feedback.

Do you really think roon on it’s own sounds better than roon/HQP?

I’m not sure I haven’t compared myself yet. But most of my clients just don’t like the hassle of dealing with both softwares. They want a silky smooth headless experience like you get with Daphile and ROCK. Then Daphile sounded better than HQP anyways with 90% the GUI of Roon when used with IPeng. Not to mention free. So they were happy. But now with ROCK released I recommended them trying as most are using Skull Canyon NUC based servers. What I’m hearing so far is they are content to live with Roon. However these are initial impressions. No A/B with Daphile yet.

So seems like their actual issue was that HQPlayer didn’t sound as good as Daphile then, since they weren’t outputting audio from Roon but only bought lifetime licenses to ‘front-end’ HQPlayer.

Seems like all your clients do the same thing and have the same hardware?

Roon upsampling wasn’t released until January. All of my clients are using my DAC that only runs at DSD 256, and requires software based upsampling so all sample rates at sent to the DAC at 11.289MHZ. However being a pure DSD very high resolution DAC, it’s very easy to hear the subtle differences between different SRC/SDM. And 100% of them chose Daphile as superior sounding vs HQP. The first generation Roon upsampling was a disappointment for me and a couple of clients who tried. But after the Roon team implemented my suggested changes, it’s a different story now. Another golden example how constructive criticism is a win win for all.

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Thanks on behalf of all Roon users for your constructive feedback and for making Roon better for everyone. :grin:


Yes the fanboys revolted with their torches and pitchforks (most deleted) but in the end what they were fighting benefited them as well. Sure is ironic how that works :slight_smile:

The irony indeed!

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Pretty sure that this is an impossible question to answer, that they sound different is probably very easy to hear (one assumes) but surely it is a very individual thing as to which sounds ‘better’

When I say it sounds better, then I imply it sounds better to me in my system(s).
I thought it should be a given, that it’s my personal Impression.

Then no-one else can answer your question.

When other 20 people say, they prefer roon/HQPlayer over roon alone, maybe there is some (individual) sonic gain behind it :wink:

I understand, when people say roon/HQPlayer is too much of a hassle for them but that roon alone sounds better, that I find hard to believe

Understood, I did have a listen to HQPlayer once and did not like it. Much prefer my digital to sound digital :sunglasses:

I hope your denigrating of HQP is not a result of your heated discussion with Jussi here:

Anyone reading this should take these statements with a grain of salt.

No it’s a result of what actually happened. I explained this months ago as well. Anyone with a brain will try all 3 media players and decide for themselves what they like best anyways. Do you really think my clients opinions hold so much weight that it will override the hearing ability of the readers? That’s quite an insult to fellow Roon forum members.

Geez, Mike. Now you want them to try it after trolling multitudes of times your “customers” chose the better player? And now I am insulting the Roon forum members.

You are showing your true colors. The more you speak, the worse it becomes. Grow up.

I’m out of here.

No I’m saying anyone is free to try all players and form their own opinion. Nobody is going to take my clients opinion as gospel and refuse to try HQP after reading my posts. And if you think Roon forum readers would, that’s an insult to their intelligence.

So I finally took the time to test drive the upsampling myself. I must say I’m very impressed. Haven’t tried ROCK yet, but with my 5th gen i3 NUC I can pull off DSD 256 upsampling with only 30% CPU load! That’s very impressive! And the sound to my ears is exceptional. The only criticism I have is if you want to use the volume control feature, it downsamples to 32 bit and PCM. It doesn’t do the “DSD wide/PCM narrow” DSP volume control that HQP does. It’s a bit of a downer as it would be nice to have the option to use the Roon volume control while outputting DSD 256 to my DAC. Something that’s possible with Roon/HQP. But I can imagine implementing this functionality might breach the CPU budget available with the NUC models ROCK was designed to work with.

You might as well mention it uses mansr’s SoX algorithms for the upsampling.

Since it is mostly bundle of open source software, I wonder where can I download the source code?

Read back in the thread where I already shared that information.