DSP Volume adjustment by Microrendu: how to change [Solved]

I have a signal chain consisting of a Microrendu> Kii Control > Kii active loudspeakers with DAC.

The volume is managed by the Kii Control, Volume control in Roon is swiched off - problem is the output volume of the microrendu is really low

The Signal Path says: DSP Volume -34DB. I cannot find a way to alter this volume.

The Knowledge bases says: “Also note that in this signal path, the volume adjustment is actually happening outside of Roon, inside a Roon Ready device”. So I suspect it must be in the microrendu??

Question: How can I raise the output volume of the microrendu, or how can I swich off DSP Volume management.

When am i happy again? If the outputvolume of the microrendu is louder, to be equal to my other sources on the preamp

Can you post a screenshot of the signal path? I’m guessing you have volume levelling turned on?

In Roon: Settings > Audio. Click on the ‘i’ symbol next to your rendu and click configure device. That takes you to the web gui.

On the rendu web gui: Settings > RoonReady

Set: volume control ‘none’.

Thanks Steve, that dit the trick. I did not know these settings were in the Microrendu settings. Which also made me aware I had to change the way DSD was managed, as my current setup can handle this. Thank you.

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Yes, it would be nice if these settings were visible in Roons interface, and then ‘pushed’ to the device as required, but I think it depends on the system used by the vendor. Hopefully RoonReady will evolve towards this…

Glad you got it sorted.