DSP volumes causes flickering sound distortion

Roon Core Machine

runs in docker on server, lots of ram etc

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All unifi all wired throughout

Connected Audio Devices

Issue device is a pioneer cinema receiver and roon rock install on an i5 motherboard, 8 gigs ram

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Its most odd. I am trying to sort out a solution for the kitchen so have speakers there and am able to use a zone out on the pioneer to power them. The pioneer has a USB input and DAC and sure enough when I hook the pc running rock to it, it shows up fine in roon and can be selected.

Music plays from the device. But behinf the music is like a flutters clicking distortion sound. It gets louder with the volume and remains on when there is no music.

but only if I have DSP volume enables (getting to the volume control on the pioneer is a pain).

If I set it to fixed or device volume then its perfect.

I have only seen this issue here now, never before and wondered if there is anything to try?

Post your signal path and the settings for the DAC.

Screenshot 2022-02-24 190312

I dont know that there are any settings for the dac part of the receiever.

If you go to settings audio and the click on the cog next to the pioneer

Oh sorry ok,

I’d take off mqa renderer.

Maybe try anything but DSP volume too under volume control.
Fixed or device for a text.

Well as stated in the first post fixed or device volume is perfect

But that of course means I have no way to control volume.

Oh shoot…my bad.
I didn’t read that doh!

Some settings in the pioneer itself maybe then ?
Are there any relevant in it’s menus?

I cannot find anyway to access usb dac functions. I think it is what it is, but cannot imagine what I would change to stop this behaviour. I will try turning off MQA

A lot of users connect to AVR units using HDMI.
I don’t suppose the core machine has that option?

Give that man a cigar!

(Well at least its not doing it now)

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