DSP with Linux and an A10 Just ain't that bad

Hi Everyone,

Listen, I dusted off a min ITX server with Linux 18 , HWE running on an A10-7850 with 16GB of RAM to use as a Roon core and used the procedural / parametric EQ to clean up the response and match the speakers to each other.

After adding 4 parametric EQs the CPU has not noticeably changed my CPU usage. While playing music with DSP enabled I’m barely breaking 2% CPU utilization.

Just FYI, this is not the horribly terrible and under-powered CPU I was lead to believe.

Peq is not that demanding really Convolution on the other hand is. Also upsampling taxes it. Combined with multiple zones these are the areas it will start to creak.

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Ahhhhh, got it. :slight_smile:

Too rich for my blood… I’m more of a hands on sort of guy when it comes to EQ setting. Makes sense that convolution + upsampling is more of a stress.

I’ve been listening to DAC’s’ a long long time, over the past 10 years the gap between Redbook and high resolution playback has vanished in the better dacs out there so it’s not as important a feature for me.

Thanks for the feedback.


Hardly a lowly processor; it’s not far behind the the i3 NUC (Intel Core i3-8109U) processor in benchmarks.

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Or some DSD upsampling.

I always assumed the A10 was pretty much the equivalent of an older i3, and perfectly capable of running Roon. I ran it on my laptop with no ill effect from a processing point of view.