DTS audio no music

I am new. Hopely is de message below correct asccording to the moderator.

Windows 10 Roon build 528
Greyhound router 2600 WiFi
Sony STR-DN1080

Support Audio DTS

My receiver STR-DN1080 support DTS
When i play from Core to Receiver there is noise but no music.
How can I play DTS.

Make sure that all DSP, Volume Leveling are turned off. As well as setting it to Fixed Volume. Roon has to send the file bit perfect for the receiver to play the DTS.

How are you getting the music from the Core to the Sony?

From a USB device connected to my Windows computer.

Thank you for yor reply. I forgot to say

This is all good advice. Let me build on it by saying the audio quality indicator (bottom of the screen, next to the song title, and you can click/tap on it for more info) must be purple (indicating bit-perfect playback from Roon). If it’s green, that indicates that Roon is doing some audio processing that you need to turn off as indicated above. Do not proceed with more debugging until the indicator is purple, as this is absolutely necessary.

Now it’s time to look at how the audio is getting to your receiver. HDMI, TosLink, or USB (possibly through a USB -> SP/DIF converter)? In my experience, computers outputting audio over HDMI can be, shall we say, hit or miss. I recommend updating both your audio and video drivers to the latest stable release if you’re using HDMI. If your computer has a TosLink or coax SPDIF output, please try connecting that your receiver, as this should be the most reliable method.

If you have a USB-SPDIF converter, or are willing (and able) to borrow/buy an inexpensive one to connect your computer to your receiver, that would be worth trying.

Last question: where is your DTS audio coming from? A DTS CD, or ripped from DVD/Blu-ray?

I have a couple DTS CDs (ripped) in my Roon collection, and Roon even labels one of them as a DTS CD. Both have played just fine in the past, although I haven’t tried the latest version of Roon, and I’d need to rewire a little bit in order to do so.

Good luck!

Hello @Thijs_Postma,

In the Device Setup screen make sure that the following options are applied:

  • Exclusive Mode: Enabled
  • Volume Control: Fixed Volume
  • Channel Layout: 5.1 or 7.1
  • Send stereo/mono content as 5.1/7.1: No


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