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I have some DTS rips in my library, ripped as Wav files. They work fine when played through VLC, but when playing through Roon, it’s just white noise. I found some information that volume leveling has to be turned off… I did all that but didn’t help. Any other advice please? Thank you

I assume the Denon has a DTS decoder? Nonetheless, your signal appears to go through the OS Mixer on the Mac Mini. Can you try using CoreAudio instead?


Hi @Martin_Busek ,

Did you have any success with using CoreAudio?
If you need further assistance here, do let us know.

How do I change that?

Just looking for where to change this.
Can you help please?

Core Audio and System Audio are different devices on the Mac, so make sure Core Audio is enabled (Settings > Audio), and select this as your zone when controlling the DAC.

Ok, I see Core Audio now but the sound is still white noise… Any other suggestions?

Hi @Martin_Busek .

Can you please upload one of the affected tracks or albums to our testing server and let us know once uploaded? We will test the file on our end to see if we can reproduce the behavior.



It’s all sorted now… The problem was that I had to change settings in Roon and MacOS - both to 2 channel - 16/44. Only then the DTS signal is passed through properly.

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