Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia not recognised in Roon

I used to be able to play Dua LIpa’s future nostalgia album streamed from Tidal via Roon app. Recently, I can’t play it anymore from Roon because it Roon says it is not available in Tidal. However, I can play it if I go straight into Tidal app. So, something is wrong with how Roon is accessing these tracks from Tidal. Help ! Thx

Likely the version got changed in Tidal and you need to add it again. Happens often due to licensing changes. Remove the version you have and search and add it again. I can see it here in the UK.

Yes. My mistake. It was indeed changed in Tidal to a new version, which I did not noticed when playing directly. Thanks for the fast reply.

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