Dual boot problem

I have installed Win 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2 to same computer.

Roon Core is installed in Win 10 OS and it’s working ok. When I try to install Roon Remote to my WIndows Server things are not working. I cannot keep my Win 10 Roon Core be opened at same time and therefore cannot install Roon. Do you have any ideas?

You can’t run both OS’s on the same computer at the same time…thats what it sounds like you are trying to do. You can run Roon Core Server and Roon Remote on the same OS at the same time.

Yes, I know that I can’t run two OS’s same time. That’s the problem

I have one PC with two OS. I want to use Roon on both OS’s. Any way to do this (maybe buy another license, but that’s not what I want)?

You say that when you try to install Roon Remote (Core maybe?) things are not working. Could you be more specific as to what isn’t working. It is possible to install Roon onto Server 2012 R2 but it’s not as simple as the install onto Windows 10.

Have a look at these links - might give you some more information that will help getting Server 2012 R2 up and running.

I’ve had Roon Core running on Server 2012 R2 so it is possible :slight_smile:


One think you can’t do is have roon on 2 different OS and use the same database between the 2 setups.

You could install the second with a back of the first setups databases imported. But you would probably get out of sync between them over time.

License can just move between one and the other with no issues, as long as only one is running at any one time. You auth the now running one and it will deactivate the other in roon (online) and when you want to swap back it’s the same thing. Many people do this between different locations or machines.