Dual mono (player1, player2) config on one Raspberry Pi3 with IQaudIO AMP+

Hi Folks,

Please help me, how to configure my custom Ropieee build with 8 integrated Raspberries to use with 2 stereo and 12 mono channels, to playback on 14 individual Roon zones with 8 Raspberry modell 3 B.

I find similar topics for Hifiberry or Volumino, there is any option to complete that chellenge on Ropieee in Roon environment?

Thank you so much and kind regards,

You’ve created FrankeinBerry


That looks amazing. Can you tell me more about your power supply?

I have 5 Pis with hats as roon zones myself.

I’m not aware of a way to drive the mono pi channels as Independent roon zones.

Hi Greg,

PSUs are 250W HP docking station power supplies.
These inputs power not directly to Raspberries, instead of that gives 19 volts to IQaudio AMPs (rated to 12-24V inputs).

I think the dual mono option is mostly Raspberry/IQaudio soud outputs related question!

The pi to hat feed is stereo with a single clock, so I don’t think you’re going to be able make it two separate mono roon zones without a lot of custom software if it’s possible at all.

All the pi solutions depend on Roon’s bridge software, and I expect it would need changes.

Stereo zones will work with ropiee out of the box as long as the hat is supported. Even though you’ll need to revise your hardware I think you’ll be way better going for stereo roon zones, and adding more Pi etc.

Perhaps just build a second unit!

BTW I expect there is a marker for a multi-zone roon endpoint like that.

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Hi Greg,

There is two options for me actually:

Option 1:
To start deep dive in my unit and check if this dual mono should possible / or build onether unit…

Option 2:
Sell my unit and bought an original Loxone multiroom system that fits to my Loxone smarthome.

There is a marketplace topic on that forum?


Roon is such a fantastic multiroom system.

I’ve done quite a lot of work to integrate it with Home Assustant, which will turn on and off relevant power amps and zones of the multi room system installed in my house when roon players start.

Please should you able to share the details of torn on/off zones and amp?

I use home assistant, which is a sophisticated home automation system, which integrates with a wide range of devices - you can find details here: https://www.home-assistant.io/

I did some work on integrating roon via the roon API

I control amps via WeMo and Zwave switches, as well as IR blasters too control my old multi room system via infra-red.

I made a video of one zone here: https://youtu.be/cy-zgDvCZEw