Dual streamers for wireless stereo sound

I am wondering if anyone has thoughts on how to implement dual mono synced Roon streamers. I’d like to implement my own wireless powered stereo speakers effectively placing a mono streamer in each (this is largely due to the room which has a door between the speakers). The streamer can be stereo as each DAC can simply select which channel it is, but the two streamers need to be synced for stereo sound

I am not above purchasing something like a pair of B&W Formation Flexes, or similar, if they can be stripped down and a digital signal can be recovered from them. But a less expensive and/or messy option would be preferable.

Grouped players will drift in time.
This will not work the way I feel you would like, with ‘separate players’.

You would need to feed streamers with an external clock to sync playback, but I’m not sure this will address the network drift…

Thanks, that idea did not occur to me. Do you have an example pls? (I know some teacs)

I’m actually not sure this would work either, as the variation will be network timing.
Not an expert in this area, but the streamers wont stay perfectly in sync (timing will drift, change), which would be need for a stereo output.

Easy enough to try with a few SBC’s.

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Oh, I see
Thank you

It has been discussed in the context of active multiway speakers previously.

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I have 2 Harman Kardon Citation One speakers in the living room. I’ve set them up with the Google Home app as a stereo pair, and Roon connects to them as a Chromecast device. Works fine here with both Roon and Audirvana Studio.

Perhaps you can get something similar?

Something similar: I bought two of the Nest Audio speakers, and have paired them as stereo using the Google software.

I believe one of the differentiators and value propositions of Roon’s RAAT protocol is network synchronization. I have used it with native Roon Ready devices and AirPlay systems across my home and it has never gone out of synchronization when I have grouped either Roon Ready or AirPlay zones (to the point my wife even noticed when I was synchronized across the house).

I think the OP’s request can be done in Roon, but the zones need to be grouped so must be running the same protocol/interface.

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Appreciate the insights. I suspect that RAAT is not quite good enough here as the timing necessary for room to room sync is not as tight as that required for keeping the stereo image stable. Really what I am hoping is that there exists something like the Harmon, or Nest, or B&W speakers, but without the dac, amp, and speaker parts. There probably isn’t a big enough market for that to be the case, and some WISA modules might be the best option here. Or routing a groove in the floor for a digital cable.