Duplicate a zone, so I can have different DAC profiles


I will try to explain what I am looking for.

I use Roon in this way:

Roon endpoint > iPhone 8 Plus > Chord Mojo

So the zone is iPhone 8 Plus with its configuration (fixed volume, DoP, etc.).

Sometimes I have the same zone (iPhone) without the Mojo but with my AirPods.

In such occasion I have to change the settings of the zone because it’s configured with the Mojo (fixed volume, etc.).

So, what I need is to duplicate a zone so I will have:

iPhone 8 Plus with Chord Mojo (with its own configuration)
iPhone 8 Plus with AirPods (with its own configuration)

Is that possible?

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Not at present, thus I’ve moved your post over to the feature request section.