Duplicate album are not removed

when I delete all files for a album that I have had two differebt resolution album off, the album stil show in roon with all song showing.

if I hiy “other version” button, I see the album, but no path to the locations. when I try to delete the album it will of course not let me do this since there is no file to find…

so, it seems I have to delete the album first from roon… which by the way very seldom delete any files on my nas…

not sure how to solve this

I believe that this is the sort of thing that 'Clean Up Library would take care of. In the Library tab of Settings, there is a selection for this command.

I have some items in my database that need cleaning up as well!43 AM
Let us know how you do, cheers!

No, that was not it. It is only for 8 albums this has happened, under the cleanup it was around 1354 files.I deleted those but the problems still is here.

Here you see there is a 16 bit album, but there is no path. I can even click my way in to the album, but all files are deleted from the HD so there is no reason for this album to show.

Try quitting and restarting your Roon Core app.

Cheers, Greg