Duplicate Album Displayed in Roon Album View (ref#Y9U0IU)

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Describe the issue

Duplicated album is shown in the album view.
But, it's not physically duplicated which means I only have one per album.
Once I restart Roon server, this is fixed.
But, it's reproduced again after I use for a while.
Do I need to restart Roon server whenever the issue is reproduced?
Please fix this issue. I don't want to be stressful whenever I manually fix this issue by restarting Roon server.

Describe your network setup

Asus AX11000 router.
Window PC(Roon server) directly connected to the router.
KEF LS50 W2 speaker directly connected to the router.

Hi @Youngha_Hwang,

Do you by chance have the setting ‘Show hidden tracks’ enabled?

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 10.58.35

You can find it under Roon Settings>General

The option was disabled.
It didn’t make any difference even though I enabled it.

Hi @Youngha_Hwang,

Thanks for the update.

Can you be more specific in how you reproduce this issue? Please list out a detailed step by step, and our team will take a closer look. Thank you! :raised_hands:

How can I know the specific step for that? As I mentioned, it was automatically reproduced when I used the roon for a couple of days after I manually restart roon server to fix the issue.
But, I can give you any log or debugging information if you mention more specific way.

Hi @Youngha_Hwang,

Thanks for the follow-up. Do you have any active VPNs associated with your Roon Server machine, or any Roon Remotes?

No, I don’t have vpn.

Hi @Youngha_Hwang,

Thanks for the follow-up. Our team will investigate this issue further, in the meantime, if a restart of your Roon Server allows for proper visibility, I’d continue this process for now.

I’ll follow up with additional information once the team has investigated further. :+1: