Duplicate album on Roon?

I am listening to one of my old favourites (AL Stewart - Modern Times for the curious) which is not really HiFi. It is a digitised version of a very old cassettes tape of a vinyl record. I thought I would see if it sounded better on Tidal - found it, favourited it, updated Roon/Tidal: result, no change. Is it because Roon knows I already have the album and will not accept the TIdal version?

No. Roon will quite happily manage multiple versions.

Does it show up as recently added in overview?
If so, it’s somewhere. Does it show up as an alternative version under the versions tab of your album? See this KB article
Roon can hide these alternative versions if you wish, and you may have Roon set up that way. Go to Settings > General > Show Hidden Tracks and Albums to change it.

It does not show in overview, but another Tidal album added at the same time is there.

Strange. Let’s check a few things.

Unlikely to be the cause after all this time, but do a resync with Tidal. (curly arrow, top left of Tidal screen.)

Just to be sure, in the Tidal app, the album shows in albums in my collection?

It is not shown under the versions tab of Modern Times?

With Focus > inspector > duplicates, is it seen?

And finally, what do you get when you search for the album, and select only show my library?

(Actually, as a real finally, and only because sometimes funny things happen, try rebooting your core)

Thanks Brian. Most peculiar: it was not showing in Tidal My Collection, so I re-favourited it. I then resynced Tidal. It still did not show in overview, but both versions (mine and Tidal) show on the Versions tab. Count it as solved.

Peculiar, as you say. Glad it’s all ok now.

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