Duplicate album plays in different quality in the same version

Hi again roonies,

I’ve encountered a strange behaviour with my roon today.
I have 2 versions of the same album, both in Flac, one 16bit/44.1KHz and another in 24bit/96KHz.
Roon correctly identifies them as being 2 versions of the same album.

However on the works list (it’s a classical album) of the 24 bit version, if I click on the header of the work (title) it will play the 16bit/44.1KHz track instead of the 24 bit/96KHz. If, however, I click below the header in the first (and only) track of the work, then I get the proper 24 bit version.

Clicking the purple light by the player confirms it. It will either show 16/44.1 or 24/96 in the source of the signal path depending on where I clicked.

If I go to the 16 bit version of the album, I always get the 16 bit version regardless of where I click.

If you need any more details or want me to do any troubleshooting just let me know. It’s a minor bug anyway, still enjoying myself a lot :headphones: :smile:

Hello @Skywatcher, thank you for the report, I can reproduce this strange behavior. We will fix it :smile:

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noticed the same behavior here … seems it’s not fixed yet. (OS X build 30)