Duplicate Album Titles / Search Results

I’m a new user (about one month in) and still finding my way around Roon. My music library is stored on a Synology NAS that feeds a Roon ROCK. I’m early in the process of ripping my 1970s/80s album collection and storing the 192K-ripped files on the NAS.

When I search for a known album where there is a ripped LP and a ripped CD, both with the same title (in this case, the Beatles’ Abbey Road), only that last loaded version (I think) is displayed. Before I added the LP copy, only the CD version would show up when I searched “Abbey Road”. After adding the LP copy, only the LP copy would show in the search, but not the CD copy. Is that typical? Do I need to create unique names for duplicate album titles?

Here are some screenshots to make this clear:
CD version

LP version

Roon search result after adding the LP

If roon thinks they are duplicates and you have Settings, General - show hidden albums to No then you won’t see it.

That’s not it. “Show hidden tracks and albums” was set to Yes.

What happens when you click on ‘Versions’ in the album view?

And there they are…

So it appears that when I get a result, I need to tap the image to see all versions (if there are multiple versions).

Thanks for the guidance.

You’re welcome.

No, not necessarily. If you search for a specific album, you’ll be shown the ‘Top Result’ which is the highest resolution version. But if, for instance, you search for The Beatles as artist and select ‘View All Albums’ you’ll be presented with everything, including duplicates (as long as you have ‘Show hidden tracks & albums’ enabled).

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Got it, thanks. I see that now with my library.