Duplicate albums and Qobuz

I have Roon with Qobux integrated. I would like to see all of the versions that Qobuz has of albums that I have in my local collection (on my home server) at a glance without having to click on each album and going to the “Versions” dropdown. When I check “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” in settings, I will see multiple versions from my local collection on the search results, but any albums that I have locally will not show up in the Qobuz search results. This is happening when I browse by artist. Is there a way to make this happen?

If you have album “X” as local files and you go to Versions and see that there is a Qobuz version. Until you add that Qobuz version to your library, it will just remain an option under Versions; because it is actually NOT part of your library.

However, if you do add it to your library AND you have “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” enabled, then both the Qobuz and your local file version should show. But, until you’ve added a streaming service album to your library it is not counted as a library album and you can’t do “library things” with it, like view it on the album page, or edit the title.

Currently, there is not way to tell Roon to add en masse all Qobuz versions of your local files.

I would suggest making a Feature Request.

Thanks. I guess this makes sense. Maybe there should be a feature like “Force display of all Qobuz albums.” rather than adding them all to your library. I’ll make a feature request.

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