Duplicate Albums Displayed When Marked as Favorites Under "By Artist" Selection (ref#8SVD4F)

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Hello, I have 533 albums in my library and some marked as Favorites (with the Heart-Symbol). Everything worked well till the latest update. Since then, I get the album 2 times shown (one near the other) when I mark it as favorite. The double showing issue comes under the selection "by artist".

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My home network ist bases on 250MB DSL from Telekom managed by a AVR FritzBox 7590.

Hi @Alfred_Fischer,
I’ve seen this help before with similar cases and rebooting the Roon Server Machine sorted it.
Let us know if this helps, if not I hope Roon support can diagnose the issue for you.

Hi Carl,
thanks a lot for your reply which I checked immediately and what shall I say: after the reboot of the Roon Server mashine it worked again properly!
Thanks a lot!

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