Duplicate albums on some controls only


I’m seeing some duplicated albums in my collection, but only with certain controls. Out of four, two (windows 10 PC and android tablet) show no duplicates, and two (Ipad and android phone) show a few duplicated albums. I have tried restarting the two but the duplicates remain.

Where they are duplicated one comes from the watched folder (eg smb://server/Music) and the other from the Library (eg Library/RoonMounts/RoonStorage/).

I’m new to Roon but have searched the forum and can’t find this mentioned anywhere. Do endpoints have caches that I can clear ?

Check Settings > General on each device. What is Show Hidden Tracks and Albums set to? These settings are Remote specific.

Cheers, Greg

What Greg didn’t say explicitly is that the “Show Hidden Track and Albums” settings is not universal and is very much device specific. For example, I can have my iPad setup to show duplicate tracks and albums while my iPhone is setup to not show them. This can be confusing but allows more flexibility. For example, I have more screen space on my iPad so showing duplicate albums might not be an issue while it might be an issue on the much smaller screen of my iPhone.

Awesome, thanks. If I wanted to get rid of these duplicates can I safely remove the RoonMounts one ? Or is hiding them the safest way to go

The best solution is to disable the source of duplication. If you are watching the same folder twice, disable the most appropriate folder in Settings>Storage. You can then clean up your database with:
Settings>Library>Library Maintenance>Clean Up Library>Clean up XX files that are associated with disabled storage locations.
At some point when you are comfortable you’ve solved the problem you can delete that storage location.

Good to know how to do that (quite new to Roon). In this case I think they are false duplicates since one set are coming from a watched folder (eg smb://server/Music) and the others from the Library (eg Library/RoonMounts/RoonStorage/). I’m watching just two folders and there are 0 files to delete when I go to Clean Up Library.

Hiding them works, but curious if there’s a permanent way. Also wondering how I managed to create them!

How many duplicates are you talking about?

What do you mean by ‘false duplicates’? If you look at one track, click on the three dots to the right side of that row, and select “view file info” it will tell you the path to the file. Either the file is there, or it isn’t. If the track is showing up and doesn’t have a file path, yes, that is odd. Is that what you mean?

Not sure how many, I haven’t looked through all albums. At least 10 (so not huge).

What I meant by false duplicates is that there is only one copy in a watched folder. See below. It’s the one with a ‘Storage Location’ of ‘Music Folder’ that I don’t understand. Maybe I should delete that from the watched folder setting panel (see above) ?

Ah got it!

The MusicFolder ones are files stored on the MacBook hard drive. I copied them there months ago when trying (unsuccessfully) to copy music onto an iPad.

Thanks for the pointer about using the three dots, that helped me get there. Cheers

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