Duplicate albums on Tidal and are shown although excluded

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10/Linux, build 505, multiple systems.

Description Of Issue

I have several duplicate albums on my collection, and I’m trying to clear them up.

The duplicate copies can be of multiple local copies and/or on Tidal.

When I browse my duplicate copies using Focus browse mode I can see those duplicate copies fine.


When I disable the Tidal copies using Inspector --> Storage Locations --> (-)Tidal I can still see those albums that I have both on local copy and on Tidal, but I can only see them once.
I would expect them to be removed from the list.

For example:


I have a local copy of this album and one in my favorite list on Tidal.

I can see this once on my duplicate collection. When I select the album and list the versions of this album, I am shown this:

Which is correct. I do have the album in the location and on Tidal.

But I would still expect this album to be excluded from the query.

When two albums are duplicates (say from Tidal and local library) that attribute applies to each.
Simple focussing on duplicates shows both because both have the attribute.
If you now focus on non_tidal, then just the local is shown as it still has the attribute. And vice versa.

Hi @maoravni,

Thanks for the feedback here. This is the expected behavior here — This is showing all duplicates except duplicates that are from TIDAL. The local copy is still considered to be a duplicate even though the other version of the album is from TIDAL.

What you’ll want to do is go to Settings > General and make sure Show hidden tracks and albums is set to Yes:

This way the duplicate versions will show up on the browser. If you see multiple copies of the same album in the browser here you’ll now know that they’re both local and that you can delete one of them.

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