Duplicate albums?

How come Roon shows two versions of this, both on Tidal? There is only one version on Tidal.

only one version on Tidal

There are two versions on TIDAL (they only tend to show one in an artist’s discography). At the moment, I’m not sure of any difference.


whoa bizarro … thanks Joel I would never have figured that out as the desktop tidal app only shows me a single album. Strange!

You can find all versions via TIDAL search in their apps and website.

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This is a very good question. I often find two versions of an album on Tidal in Roon with no difference between them.

There are a number of possibilities:

  1. They are genuine duplicates.
  2. One is Master quality and one is not, but the analysis has not yet been done Roon-side to disambiguate them.
  3. One has a bonus video track which gets stripped off when it comes to us (and therefore looks identical to the non-video version).

My audio system does a full MQA unfold and I don’t find that to generally be the case [eg Miles Davis Kind of Blue 2 Tidal 192 versions]

I often see what looks like two copies of the same version. I just link to one of them and don’t worry about it.