Duplicate artist names

I know this is more of a Tidal/Qobuz issue but was wondering if any of you have developed work arounds for duplicate band names. I’m looking specifically at the NOLA funk band “The Radiators” being grouped together with an Irish punk band of the same name.

You could go into the metadata and edit to "The Radiators [funk] and The Radiators [Irish], or something similar, then make sure Roon is using the Artist name from metadata. Is there a better way, anyone?

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Nice, thanks. I mean that works to separate them in my library… I guess nothing can be done about the services-side of things.

The way this works in most databases is by using a primary key that is not the artists’ name. Then you must associate the daughter records (albums, compositions, etc.) to the correct artist so they don’t get mixed together. I don’t know how Roon manages their database, but I suspect it’s a matter of making sure the duplicate artists are in fact different, then associating the daughter records to the correct artist. This is all manual labor so it’s not an easy or quick thing for Roon or it’s metadata suppliers to do, but it’s what we’re paying them to do.