Duplicate artist problem since last update

Hey All.

I’m having a duplicate artist problem since the last update. Around 10 artists in all.

This isn’t s typical duplicate artist problem where you can just merge the artists, that won’t work. It’s basically an exact duplicate.

Best I can tell is it’s somehow related to album appearances. Some albums that should be listed as main albums are listed under appearances. If I edit them to be main albums the problem goes away, but as soon as I open Roon again the problem is back.


I also have another problem with a single artist (David Ackles) where the albums I have of his are listed as Tidal albums, this is despite those albums not being favourited in Tidal. They are the same albums I have on my hard disk, but they show as Tidal. If I look at duplicates it doesn’t show my hard drive albums.


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