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Comcast - Ethernet

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Peachtree Nova 150 USB from Nucleus

Description Of Issue

I’ve got several duplicate artists. When I select one, it selects both indicating they are the same entry. The statistics indicate 1260 of 1257 with no focus applied. Here’s a screenshot.

As you can see, George Thorogood, George Thorogood & the Destroyers, and Three Days Grace are all duplicated. That would account for the statistics anomaly. Everything else is fine. However, I suspect I have some problems with Composers as well. The statistics report 5980 of 5973, which can’t be right. I just checked and it appears the same entries are duplicated; George Thorogood and Three Days Grace.

Hi @David_Gibson,

I spoke with the team about this. We have a ticket open for one issue that can cause this behavior and we currently have a fix for this issue in testing. I can’t provide any specific timeframes for when this will be available, but we will be sure to reach out once we have more info.


Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to the next version.

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