Duplicate device

Is it possible to add a feature so the same device driver shows up 2 or 3 times under ‘select audio zone’? Each version of the driver could have different device settings, or dsp filters.

I have a multichannel DAC. One DSP filter plays music on the main stereo. The other DSP setting sends the signal to the kitchen. A third DSP plays vinyls.
Instead of switching DSP presets, it would be more convinent to have 3 zones: same dac & driver but each with a different DSP preset loaded up.

I found a workaround (ASIO4All driver, and Motu pro audio driver) to create 2 zones (both driving the same DAC). I don’t have a 3rd driver (WASAPI doesn’t work on motu). Overall it’d be nice if Roon just let you duplicate the same driver/device, with various zones names.

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I second this!

My headphone amp and desktop speakers are connected to the same DAC. It would be easier to just switch zones than to have to change the DSP Preset!