Duplicate track on FLAC album

Don’t know what happened but playing Yes Fragile tonight i noticed track 7 The Fish had been duplicated in Roon so i checked my music on Computer and there were also duplicate track 7’s, the thing is i did a back up to an external drive just before i downloaded Roon and there is no duplicate track on that drive so is Roon altering my files on my pc.

Roon does not touch your files (other than for deletion) so it must have been some external factor.

Thanks i am not bothered because it is easy to delete them.
Just wondering what happened and is there any way of clearing the duplicates in Roon.

For the track you wish to delete click on the image menu and then select EDIT, then scroll down and select DELETE TRACK.

However, I’d also suggest checking the file location in Roon first to confirm it real is a duplicate file … once it gone it gone.

Not when you have everything backed up on a external hard drive.

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It was just a word of caution realy to avoid screw-ups … pleased to hear you have a backup.
Just the one? :wink:
I have two backups one of which is located “offsite”… the effort in re-ripping would lead to divorce I fear :worried:

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I have 3 back ups and considering more as you never know.

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I have managed to accidentally duplicate tracks and albums over the years by occasionally trying to move a folder but doing a copy instead. I am usually just tidying up the folder structure at the time. Roon indexes the extra tracks or album and adds it where it should fit. So if I duplicate a track it can end up anywhere in the file structure but Roon just adds it as a duplicate track in the correct album.

Because this is done by accident and initially goes unnoticed, it can easily propagate to the backup, so don’t be too smug about having multiple backups unless you do them properly.

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