Duplicate volumes in 'dashboard'

Hi - I have just setup the Core on an iMac, and pointed the Music folder to be ‘watched’. I’ve also linked my Tidal account.

At the moment I have 2 Artists, 3 albums in my Library.

But on the Home page on the app, it is showing 2 Artists, 6 albums. When I go to My Albums only the three albums are shown.

There are multiple ‘versions’ of the albums if I click on one - e.g. it shows a version from Tidal as well as the version in my iMac storage.

Is the ‘dashboard’ counting these as well - seems odd?


As you surmised, the dashboard reports the total number of albums in your library. The Album Browser screen on the other hand displays the number of albums that are visible.

By default duplicates are hidden but that can be changed from the Roon → Settings Page …


Another point to be aware of is that a multidisc set is consider by Roon as one Album.