Duplicated Chromecasts

I’m seeing similar issues on dhcp based chromecast units…I wonder if roon is not removing old dhcp addresses for these devices when their address changes

In audio devices it’s only showing once…but in displays it’s showing a whole page of one device name

Hi @wizardofoz,

I split your post into it’s own thread so we can investigate this behavior a bit further. Can you let me know some additional info here?

  1. What OS is your Core running?
  2. What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear?
  3. How often are you seeing this behavior?
  4. What model/generation is the RoonCast TV?
  5. Does this behavior only occur for the RoonCast TV zone?
  6. Are there any set of steps which you can use to get into this state each time?

Comments after your points :slight_smile:

Hi @wizardofoz,

Thanks for the additional info. Next time this behavior occurs, can you please upload a log set by using these instructions?

Do you see this behavior on any of your other Cores or is it limited to just the Windows 10/Media Server PC?

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