Duplicated Tracks In Most Played List

After using Roon for a few months I have started to look at my most played lists using the Focus feature. E.g. Focus on Top 100 Most Played. I noticed that the same tracks are repeating in the list where I have previously played multiple versions, i.e. the local library copy, the Tidal copy or the Qobuz copy. In each case the track is the same one, on the same album and listed as the same thing under the Versions tab for the album.

If on occasion playlists or Roon radio throws up on various occasions the streamed or local copy of the same track from the same album, I’d expect one play count for that track not two or more. Is this an intended ‘feature’ is there a way play counts for the same track can be consolidated? Due to the Versions functionality I was under the impression Roon was able to recognise multiple versions of the same thing?