Duplicates after moving Roon to new machine

I recently moved my Roon image to a new machine (old Mac to new Mac).
I followed these steps.

  1. First I copied my entire iTunes library of music over to the new machine, along with album art, iTunes DB files, etc. and created a mirror image of my iTunes library on the new Machine.
  2. Then per Roon Knowledge Base, I followed instructions for moving Roon to new machine, after insuring software was latest build, and all DB activities were complete.
    a. Backed up current Roon DB to external drive
    b. Downloaded new Roon image on new Mac
    c. Installed new image and at “Roon Login” page I hit the “Restore” item and restored the DB backup to the new machine.
    All went well and after un-authorizing the old machine and re-authorizing the new…I launched and things looked good. There were a few items missing, but all told…things looked good.
    Then I think I messed up. I followed Roon knowledge base instructions to point Roon to the new music storage location on the new Mac (i.e. my iTunes music folder). The Roon folder in the storage settings was showing as “red”, so I thought I needed to do this.
    Net Result: I now have duplicate albums for my entire collection.
    I searched support for a fix, and saw various ways I might address dupes, such as using the “Focus” feature to identify them, etc. but I worry this isn’t the way to address the issue I created. I thought I might try to change the storage setting, but am unsure what result that will have.
    Please advise how I might fix this.

Hi @Brian_O_Malley ---- Thank you for the report and sorry to hear of the troubles.

In order to get out of this state I would perform the following:

  • Based on your report it sound like you have backups of your previous Roon DB already created :+1: I always recommend creating a backup before doing anything involved with the Roon DB, but it sounds like you have this covered :sunglasses: Please do correct me if I am wrong :innocent:
  • Delete the DB that is currently in place on the new machine

    • Locate your Roon database according to these instructions
    • Delete the entire Roon folder.
  • Relaunch Roon and restore from the backup you made of the previously used DB from the old machine.

  • When the application comes online confirm that there is NO content present in the application.

  • Checking “library clean up” will confirm that Roon was aware of the content.

  • Go to the “storage” tab, click "edit " in the “3 dot” menu next to the previously used storage location, navigate to where the music was copied to, and select this location.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi Eric…yes I do have the DB backup, so I’ll follow your procedure and see what happens.
Thanks for the follow-up and advice.

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Followed your suggested procedure and the exact same issue occurred. When I reinstated the Roon DB again, when the application restarted all of my content was there. However in “storage” it was pointing to a “Roon” folder that was incorrect (and in “Red”). So when I again pointed it to the “music” folder in my iTunes directory, I got all dupes again.

This is what I’m seeing in storage.

Thank you for touching base with me @Brian_O_Malley, the insight is appreciated!

When you perform the procedure listed out above and Roon comes back online after the restore you notice that the “itunes Libraries” field is still in an “active” state showing that 2681 tracks have been imported. However the “music > Roon” folder is in an “inactive” state and this is where you are editing the path and pointing Roon to the new location of your music, correct?

If the “music > Roon” is currently active in your setup, can you please “disable” it and tell me if the duplicates are still present and if your edits are still present after this action is performed.


If I don’t edit the path music/roon folder to enable it then my duplicate issue is resolved. So I haven’t done anything since reloading Roon and rescanning my Roon DB backup. It is working now without duplicates, however the storage settings is still “red” as shown in the screenshot. Also I have not yet been able to connect from my “old” Mac which used to run Roon. It continues to look for remote libraries, even after I input the IP address of the new Mac. I completely deleted my Roon app on the “old” Mac and reinstalled it and it still cannot find any “remote libraries”. Pretty frustrating afternoon…

Hi @Brian_O_Malley - Thank you for touching base with me and providing the requested feedback! Both are very appreciated and my apologies for the delayed response here.

Continuing forward, I would recommend moving away from the “Roon 1.2 (and older)” iTunes integration as we have made improves in this area of the application with the release of v1.3. If you would like to give this a shot here is what I would do:

  • Temporarily disable the old “iTunes library” (i.e “(Roon 1.2 and older)”).

  • Select the “3dot” menu next to the “Roon” watch folder (i.e the one still in “red”) and hit “edit”.

  • Once the “edit storage location” window is open you are going to enable “import iTunes content” and navigate to you iTunes library that was brought over from the previous core.

Additionally, in regard to the old MAC you are trying to use as a Roon remote….

  • When you deleted Roon from that computer did you also delete the Roon folder or just the application itself? If it is the former I would try this:

    • Locate your “Roon” folder according to these instructions
    • Delete the “Roon” folder and the application.
    • Launch the app and verify if you are still unable to connect with the new core.

If you are still unable to connect to the new core still….

  • Please verify that you are able to connect to the core machine from the remote device via the OS.

  • Try rebooting the core machine, new remote machine, and any relevant networking hardware. These items would include your router, switches, power line adaptors, etc.


Please advise how I temporarily disable the old “iTunes Library”. And once I receive this instruction, would I then point to the “Roon” Folder as my “new” storage location? I’m a bit confused by this suggestion.

Hi @Brian_O_Malley ----- Thank you for the follow up and my apologies for any confusion in my previous. Please allow me to clarify :innocent:

You can disable the old iTunes Library by clicking the “3 dot menu” next to that watched folder and selecting disable. Next you are going to want to select the “3dot” menu next to the “Roon” watch folder (i.e the one still in “red”) and hit “edit”:

36 PM

When the “edit storage location” window is open you are going to enable “import iTunes content” and navigate to your iTunes library that was brought over from the previous core.


Hi Eric
So is this what my storage config should look like when correctly configured?

Hi @Brian_O_Malley ----- Thank you for touching base with me, the follow up is very appreciated!

I must apologies as I am a touch confused about some thing from your most recent post versus what you had previously provided. Please see below:

Post #5:

Post #11:

  • The first screen shot from “Post 5” appears to be from your core machine while “Post #11” looks like it is from another device acting as a Roon remote. Please verify.

  • Did you “disable” or “remove” the “Itunes Library” folder in the screenshot from “Post #5”?

  • Please confirm where your iTunes library currently located and provide the exact “path” to your iTunes media.