Duplicates (Again)

I know I can manually hide albums, but I have too many for this to be practical.

Roon is great (usually) at versioning, and preferring the highest quality option.

But why, when browsing my collection, do I see endless amounts of duplicate entries? Surely there is a setting somewhere to just show the preferred option, not all the versions?

Here’s a typical screen:

I know in pre-history I ripped my collection at a lower quality, an then re-did at lossless, and also have Tidal, so I appreciate there are various copies in my library, but surely I don’t have to manually hide all the non-preferred ones?

I’ve been looking for a setting to hide the dupes, but can’t find it. Can someone point me to it please (I’m still assuming it is possible…)


Try setting this


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Thanks. I’ve done that. But you have to have ‘hidden’ the items (manually) for that to work. Or perhaps it’s just not working for me, for some reason.

It works for me…
Switch on…

Switch off…

The albums do have to be identical though, same number of tracks at least.

Ah - you might have hit on it. Drilling down on some there do seem to be some missing tracks on one copy compared to another. Not sure why that is, but there it is, and I guess explains the duplicate album listing.

Thanks for highlighting this.

What I do about this is my next challenge…:wink:


Rather than hiding them, I’ve found it better to edit the albums and set them to “Group Alternate Versions”. I had a few albums that were missing tracks or sourced from old, lossy iTunes files. By grouping them, they’re still there but Roon typically picks the highest resolution album as the Primary and you can easily change that to one of the other versions if you prefer.

Great. I’ll try that. Thanks!

Thanks David. Yes, that was very helpful.

But I then discovered an even bigger user fail on my part, I had ‘show album version in browser’ selected. Duh! Switching that off helped massively. Now my biggest problem is I do still seem to have quite a lot of ‘albums’ with different numbers of tracks. But your group suggestion should fix that.


I have a few apparent duplicates in my collection - the cause is different metadata on them. I would suggest you check this.