Duplicates albums NOT shown within Version Tab (I want to see ALL Duplicates Always)

Version 1.8 does not currently show all versions of an Album using the Versions Tab. As a simple example, I have 3 versions of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, yet Roon only displays one (and an optional Tidal version when viewing the Version Tab. I know the other version are imported and that they previously displayed correctly in past versions of Roon. Note that I can find the other versions using other methods such as searching genre tags and other methods. I have multiple examples that are more complex to illustrate but let’s try for the easy case first.

I been a Roon user for multiple years and I am aware of the “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” setting which I have set to “Yes”. The albums are also not listed in the “Settings>Library>Skipped” files area, I’ve never had any files “skipped” on import.

I have a large library with multiple instances of resolution, format, and pressing plant variations (Roon would consider these “duplicates”) which may sound different or may in some cases be “exact” duplicates that I would like to continue to view and access. I’ve developed my own file and tagging structure over the past two decades such that they are easily tracked and identifiable within Roon (when I can display them).

Any ideas on how I can see ALL Duplicates Always within Roon 1.8?

HI Blue,

Which screen are you seeing this on Albums screen, Artist Overview, Artist Discography, All of them?

Further downstream…
For Example, using Search: “Iron Butterfly” results in:

Top Result: Iron Butterfly
Artists: Iron Butterfly, Iron Maiden, Iron & Wine, Iron Fire, etc.
Select Iron Butterfly
Click “DISCOGRAPHY” (just to the right of OVERVIEW option)
Click the “In Library” Badge (between the Focus option and “Favorites” Badge)

Albums Listed: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Ball, Fillmore East 1968
Select In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Click “VERSIONS” (just to the right of TRACKS and CREDITS options)
Only 1 version is viewable vs. the 3 versions I own.
Note that all 3 versions are displayed when selecting OVERVIEW vs. DISCOGRAPHY in the above example (“Albums in my library” section)

I’m not sure why or how this can happen and suspect that the “In Library” Badge filter function was not fully tested in Q/A since the album versions appear in other searches–it’s the inconsistency that is bothersome.

I guess I’ll bump my own post.

Is there anyone from support online with a possible answer/solution?

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