Duplicates Badge?

Similar to the badges for Favorite, Live, In Library can we have a badge if an album is a duplicate?


Excellent idea!

Hrmm, I’m curious about what you’re trying to do that a badge will help with. There are a couple of other ways to find duplicates:

  • Focus > Inspector > Duplicates
  • Settings > Show hidden tracks and albums > Look for duplicate artwork

Why aren’t the existing methods for finding duplicates sufficient? And why do you hold onto duplicates instead of cleaning them up?

I would say that having a duplicates badge that displays alongside, in library and Qobuz badges while just perusing your library is the idea so you see at an instant glance if what you just added was a duplicate.

Those with multiple thousand album library lose track of what they already have you know!
At least I do…lol.

Would just be quick and easy for the user but that’s just my viewpoint.

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I’m aware of all of these methods, thanks. Occasionally I use them.

I have a lot of duplicates. These methods are sufficient if I am prepared to set aside some time to work through cleaning them up. Sometimes I am looking over the selections from an artist and it would help to see what albums are duplicates so I could remedy them from there.

While perusing it would help to have a quick way of identifying these so I could clean up on the fly while listening as opposed to specifically looking for all duplicates and then working through them.

It’s a preference of workflow. The current method for identifying duplicates assumes I am just looking to find all my duplicates first. This is not only the case.

+1 to what @AceRimmer says

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