Duplicates in Library and Qobuz on artist's page (screenshot clarifies)

Dear @support,

Just switched over from Tidal to Qobuz and removed Tidal from Roon. Now having an issue that I didn’t have when using Tidal.

There are duplicate albums in my Library section and streaming service (Qobuz) section on the artist’s page (see screenshot). When using Tidal the ones in my library weren’t visible in the streaming service (Tidal) section. On some artist pages this functionality still works, but on others it doesn’t…

Thanks for your help!


PS: tried searching the forum, but couldn’t find a similar topic.

Hi @jmvdv,

Is the behavior the same if you reboot your Core?

Seems to be working now on CCR, but still the same issue with some Steely Dan albums.

@jmvdv - Does going into Roon Settings -> Services -> Edit Button Next to Qobuz -> Sync Library Now help with the issue? Have you tried performing a reboot yet?

@noris - after rebooting CCR is fixed. Also tried the manual sync to no avail.

Just checked the Qobuz app on Mac and there are:

  • three Gaucho albums with the same specs (in Roon there are two Gaucho albums).
  • only one Can’t Buy A Thrill album (in Roon there are two)
  • only one Pretzel Logic album (in Roon there are also two)

Hi @jmvdv,

Thanks for confirming that. Do you by any chance have Show Hidden Tracks and Albums set to Yes in Roon Settings -> General? If so is there any change if you set this toggle to No?

@noris that’s already disabled.

Hi @jmvdv,

Thanks for confirming that aspect. If you right-click one of the duplicate albums, are you presented with a View File Info... in the 3-dot dropdown menu at the top of Roon? If you are, can you please post a screenshot of what File Tags show for both of the duplicate albums?

Hello @noris,

I don’t think the View File Info... is present in both albums (see attached screenshots).

Extra note: versions are often not grouped, see attached screenshot, but maybe this is standard behaviour because of the HiRes version in my library and the CD version in Qobuz.

Hi @jmvdv,

Aplologies, I should have clarified this further.

If you open one of the duplicate albums and right-click to select a track from the album, do you see the option to View File Info...? If so, can you share a screenshot of both of these track file info?

Also, I wonder if you favorite a track in one of these albums, does the other track automatically get favorited in the duplicate album or does it stay un-favorited?

Hi @noris,

I can’t select the View File Info... on the Qobuz version. See attached screenshots.

I’m having a feeling this has something to do with the Qobuz catalog.

Hi @jmvdv,

Thanks for sending those screenshots, I have just followed up via private message.

Hi @jmvdv,

I appreciate your patience while I heard back from the QA team regarding your case. There are a few findings to mention:

  1. The Tomorrow’s World album that you have listed as a duplicate is in fact a different edition, as can be seen in the following screenshots:

  1. As for the Steely Dan albums, are they still present even after additional reboots? Roon may have gotten into a strange state when adding these albums, but they should have been resolved with a reboot similar to the CCR albums.
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Thanks for the reply @noris, it seems to be fixed now!

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