Duplicates of albums

Hi, first let me say, I love ROON! Whenever I load a new album into ROON, there always seems to be a duplicate and in some cases a third version of the same album. I constantly have to hide these albums as they show up in the search function. I load all of the albums (CDS) in iTunes and utilize ROON for playback, viewing, etc. Not sure what Im doing wrong and I have searched and searched but have not found the answer. These are the same albums, same quality, etc. BTW, when I look on the hard drive where everything is stored, there is only one version of the album. However, there may be 2 or 3 of the same album listed in ROON. Currently, I have ripped 432 albums yet Roon shows I have over 1000. Any suggestions?

Hi Mark,

I moved this to Support…

Do each of the duplicate albums contain all the tracks? For example, it’s not uncommon to have a few tracks in one album and the rest in another? This can be fixed.

Can you give us a screenshot with an example?

Cheers, Greg

Double CDs and Box sets can also cause similar issues if Roon does not identify them as such.