Duplicates Stereo and multichannel

For an album where I have a stereo and multichannel version in my library, Roon marks either the stereo version or the multichannel version as a duplicate. Can you please try to fix this in a future release.

Alternatively, try switching on the “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” then all versions of the same album will be displayed in the Album Browser?

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And after all, stereo and multichannel versions of the same album are … the same album. :wink:

If I switch on “Show hidden tracks and albums” what will happen to all the albums and tracks I intentionally want to hide … and woul multichannel not rather qualify as a version than a duplicate?

In the versions tab click on the three dots next to the erosion that is not showing and select remove from duplicates. Does that do what you want?

Thanks for the suggestion and yes it does. I just don’t want to do it for 500+ albums when the software could do it perfectly well. In any case I doubt very strongly that anyone who goes to the trouble to rip and import multichannel versions of their albums does it to have them marked as duplicates and hidden from view … even if it is the same album :wink:

Is there someway you can use focus to select all your multi channel albums and then just do this once ?

For instance under focus format there is an option to select all stereo or all mono files. I don’t think Roon supports multichannel in the same way but is there something else that is unique about all these files that you can use under format or inspector in focus that you can use? Are they all in a different file format it all in a different storage location?

Yes, it does support multichannel. If you have a particular format in your collection, it will show up in the Focus/Format selection screen: