Duplicates - Understanding

I’ve cleaned up my Duplicates and now get “Almost” what is expected. I have added a handful of 24 bit versions of some favorites and half of them show along side their 16 bit version as expected in Duplicates. Another half, though, is available, but never displays under Duplicates. I’ve checked the tags and cannot seem to pinpoint what makes some albums behave differently. Any input is appreciated.



If you really want to and you’re sure about it, add them to a set as described in the article linked above.

Thanks for the quick response. This is helpful, but I have spot checked and I still have a handful of anomalies that don’t seem to be following the same rules as other duplicates.

The “anomalies” are very definite. I have a handful of 16 Bit Versions that do not show up under versions. They also do not show up under duplicates.
Many do display properly. I have deleted & re-added them and done library cleaning. I de-coupled Tidal as it seems if Tidal shows many 16 bit copies to add it doesn’t display my own. I have re-tagged the albums. Nothing seems to make them Display as expected. I am looking for consistency / trying to understand the behavior. Any further thoughts?

Thanks again,


How about naming, better showing, one or more of these anomalies here?
Please post some screenshots of what you see as it’s otherwise hard for anyone to suggest something not already covered in the KB-article I linked above.

I also move this to a forum category because I think it gets more attention.

Here is an example. It doesn’t show up under Versions or a search for Duplicates, but I can find it by focusing on 16 Bit albums. I can share any other desirable screenshots.

If I search for “Kind Of Blue” the 24 Bit Album shows up with a bunch of Tidal Options under versions. I do not see my 16 Bit Version without focusing only on 16 Bit Versions.

Thanks again for your response.