Duplicating a zone output?

I think this was asked before and the answer was no, but just to clariy, I’ll ask it again. Is it possible to duplicate a zone where each copy would have different settings so that you could merely select a zone with a bunch of preset settings rather than having to change them manually. For example, I have a single zone that I use with both headphones and speakers. I want to use different DSP in the two configurations. It would be so easy if I could just create two zones with my preferred settings for headphones and speakers and switch from one to the other rather than having to set each parameter separately when switching from speakers to headphones. If this isn’t possible now, please consider this a feature request.

Don’t think so.
But interestingly, the old Sooloos (precursor of Roon by the same team) had this function. Called a phantom device, as I recall.

You can define preset DSP settings and swap from one to the other within a Zone.

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That works.