Duplicating Playlists in New Account


I recently purchased a new Roon account for use at my office. Music is stored on external hard drives that have been duplicated for the new location, and Tidal is also used at both locations. Can a backup of the original account be used to clone playlists to the new account, or is there another method? I have many playlists that are 3 or 4 days long, and do not want to try reconstructing them from scratch.

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@Ken_Phelps - You’ll want to follow these instructions to migrate your core.

I would also suggest taking a look at these instructions to preserve your edits if you’re moving the media storage locations.

To answer your question, yes backups include playlists so I would follow the migration guide to move the Core over properly.

– Noris

Thank you.

…and those in my office who hate crappy pop music thank you as well. We enjoy jazz, blues, world, roots, Americana, and the more musical varieties of electronica. It is utterly amazing how many of our patients remark on the music, and then go off on rants about their hatred for most of the production-line pop music droning on in public venues.


There seems to be a small problem with this. When the new core backs up from the transferred backup, it assumes the identity of the original core, and the original core then doesn’t work.

Thanks for any further insights.


Hi @Ken_Phelps,

Thanks for letting me know that information. What exactly do you see when you mention this?

Are you presented with an “Authorizations” page or something similar? Can you provide a screenshot using these instructions?

Also, you mentioned that you purchased a second Roon account to use at your office – just to be clear here this is a second license under the same email address as your first core?

From what I can see you only have one license registered to your current email address and once you restore the backup, the new core is taking up your authorization slot.


The two accounts are under different email addresses. I retried this morning after posting, and it seems to be going OK now. I may have messed up which email I used earlier. Will post again if the trouble reoccurs.



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Backups are tied to email addressed so you won’t be able to use the same backup in two locations logged in with different email addresses.

If I’m understanding that correctly, let me know and we’ll see what we can do here.