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Having just installed Roon in the past 24 hours, I’m beginning to notice the duplication of tracks in several albums. Anyone have suggestions to help?

Try this. Settings> General > toggle the hide switch to NO

Thanks Robert

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Hi @Michael_Harrison,

Did Robert’s suggestion help resolve this behavior or is it still occurring afterwards?

No, Noris, Robert’s suggestion, as far as I can tell now, didn’t help. It looked like it might be the answer. When I first noticed the duplications on a Willie Nelson album, given numbered tracks on the album track page would repeat once, but above each pair a third unnumbered listing appeared, plus composer, with the summed time of the two below. Effectively three listings. Disabling the “Show hidden tracks” function seemed like it should work. In the case of Willie, it didn’t.

Hi @Michael_Harrison,

What kind of Core are you using, what operating system is it on?

Can you please post a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage tab? It should look something like this:

Roon core is installed on my Mac desktop running Catalina with hardwired thunderbolt out to HDMI in on an Oppo preamp/discplayer (I list more specifics in the other thread to which you responded, on hi-rez file distortions.).

The files are stored on an external drive. No other hardware to consider here, I think. The attached images should help.

Hi @Michael_Harrison,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots.

Next, I’d like to focus on the specific example you posted above. Can you please right-click one of the duplicate tracks -> press 3-dot drop-down menu at the top -> View File Info -> Check the File Path.

Then please repeat the same action for the other duplicate. Can you post screenshots of this file path or see where exactly the two duplicates are stored? Is one in your music folder while the other is on your external disk?

This is what File Info looks like for reference:

Thanks Noris,
Unfortunately I don’t have the time at present to address all these issues during my audition period with Roon–and I’m not sure they are addressable with my current setup. You and your customers have been vey helpful. M

Hi @Michael_Harrison,

These issues are certainly addressable with your current setup, all you would need to do is check the file path and we can figure out where the duplicates are coming from. I understand your reluctance here due to the audition period, but this should not be a concern. I will also follow-up with you via private message.

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