Duration of startup sequence until roon server service will be available for remote app

I have recently noticed that my NUC needs some time to make the database service available after a cold start. The time is now around 10-15 minutes. The database contains about 125,000 tracks (NUC8i7BEH / M2NVME256GB / 16GB RAM / Roon Rock + 2TB int. SSD + 5TB ext. HDD). Why could the start-up process have slowed down so much? I recently switched off the roon analysis and deactivated hypertheading in the bios. then the nuc ran as before, but nice and quiet. Now, however, I have this very long cold start and no idea why. Does somebody has any idea?

When I just started the NUC, the server was reachable after about 2 minutes. Is it possible that a scheduled backup that was not executed could produce this behavior?

My server takes several minutes for the system to be able to connect a remote to. I have 2 X the number to tracks you do (270K), but 10-15mins seems way too long if that is still the case.

I took some screens today and for me it is clear the server is in a restart loop.
Why is that? Restarting the server will not end this, rebooting neither.

Disconnectig the external HDD and cold starting the NUC end the loop.

This is a randomly behavior, but why is it?

I’ll pop this over to @support area and looks like they are going to want some logs. It likely it’s a file on your hdd that’s crashing something I think.

Hi @Joachim_Koerth,

Can you please reproduce the issue a few times with the HDD connected and then use these instructions to send me a set of your ROCK logs via private message (click my name -> message)?

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