During playlist export versions other than "Primary" included

How do I configure albums in a playlist so that I can consistently export the correct version?


  • My library includes ALAC from iTunes (Apple Music), FLAC ripped by a Naim Uniti Core, as well as downloaded hi-res FLAC stored on my Mac and on the Uniti Core
  • I mark any albums on the Uniti Core as the “Primary” version
  • I build playlists for albums on the Uniti Core so I can export to a 128GB memory stick (to run in my car)
  • My first playlist exported correctly, but it was limited to hi-res downloads (again, both in the Uniti Core and on my Mac)


  • My second playlist did not rip correctly, including some albums from iTunes (ALAC) that won’t play in my car
  • The only symptom that seems to relate to including the wrong version is that albums are marked as Favorite