During track playback cannot move start point beyond first quarter of track

For past month during playback of all tracks on last 20-30 added albums (dbPoweramp) will only start at beginning or within the first 25% of trackline displayed. If I move start point with mouse along trackline line to, say, midpoint of track…cursor jumps back to 25% point and playback begins there.2.5 TB of music added before behaves normal.
lMacbook Pro goes out via miniTOS to highend system. or plays on MacBook.internal speakers…doesn’t matter… Not sure what release date I have .

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really irritating.

Glad to see somebody out there saw this. Horribly frustrating. Just ripped a half dozen CD’s of “in the hall of the mountain king” from Grieg PeerGynt and want to hear for comparison the ending crescendo of all these tracks in their own playlist to determine favorite and don’t want to listen through each 2 minute plus track to do it!!

Hi @Jim_Lindstrom,

That does sound a little odd, I’m going to tag @support for you. In the meantime … could you please describe, in detail, your current setup. The more information we have, the easier it will be to start troubleshooting the problem.

You may have try these already, however some things you could try that might help:

  • Reboot the Roon Core
  • Re-Identify the albums
  • Re-analyse the albums

Just a thought, is this happening only with “in the hall of the mountain king” or is it happening with all recently ripped CDs?
If the former could you try ripping a CD or two from a different source … and then check this behaviour with those new tracks.

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Hi @Jim_Lindstrom ----- Touching base with you to see if any progress or new observations have been made since reporting this behavior to us a few days ago.

I see that @Carl has offered some good troubleshooting tips and a link to help us get the information we need, to evaluate this behavior. Have you had a chance to review/give any of his suggestions a shot? Let me know.