During Trial can Roon Core be set-up on new computer?

Loving Roon and want to move it to a dedicated Mac Mini from my Macbook Pro. Can this be done during the trial period? I’m getting prompted to start a new 14 day trial or purchase outright. Thanks for your insights.

Yes, I believe it can

If you try to authorise a new core - you will be asked do you want to de-authorise your existing one

Absolutely! Follow these steps.

  1. On the MacBook go to Settings > Backups > Backup Now and click on Backup. Choose a location to save the backup that can be used by the Mac Mini too.

  2. While the backup is running install Roon on the Mac Mini. Once installed, go to Settings > General. You’ll see that Roon is connected to your MacBook Pro. Click on Disconnect. You’ll then see an option to Use this Mac. Choose this.

  3. Once the backup is completed you’ll need to restore this on the Mini. So, on thhe Mini, go to Settings > Backups > Find Backups and select Browse. Locate the backup and click Restore.

  4. Finally, on the MacBook repeat step #2 and select the Mac Mini as your Core. You may then use the MacBook for Control.

There’s a more detailed guide here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Migration.

what a response! when you write save backup are you specifically referring to the roon backup? (not a time machine backup) an external hd should work. how do I get around the prompt on the mini to start a new trial?

you have to click in the bottom where it says restore backup

after the backup and before you restore you should stop the original core machine or core server app.

tiny! missed it. thanks for pointing it out.

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it is tiny!

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