Dutch & Dutch 8C Active Speakers

The photos are a wee bit deceptive. The speakers are 2m apart and the listening position is 2.2m from the hearth. So not a too far from an equilateral triangle.

I have used the distance to the cement wall behind - the speakers sit around 2/3 across that wall.

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Oh, ok, sorry, the photo misled me! And you should be on the edge of your seat anyway if your hifi is sounding good! I’ve always preferred nearfield listening. Many folk in studios would be listening to 8cs even closer than you have them, I think, so I wouldn’t worry about getting close.

Some people are getting beta, so why not let all have beta, with a disclaimer that transfer the responsibility to those who are willing to take the risk?

Because even with that disclaimer, if everyone took the risk and everyone had field issues, can you imagine the stress of the tech support department of D&D trying to help everyone then fix their issues?

A department of maybe a couple people perhaps.

Releasing a beta to everyone is fine for a free product. Not normally done this way for paid products, let alone very expensive products.

More to the point, the beta must have some serious issues, otherwise it wouldn’t be beta anymore.

The fix is still just over the horizon, as it has been for literally years now.

I wonder, which will come first, Roon on the D&D or nuclear fusion?


I can imagine your frustration. D&D have Roon working perfectly, but they have to ‘move’ all the other stuff (e.g. Room matching, REW integration) to the new software platform. They want to do that right including a (very nice!) new UI. This takes (a lot of) time for a small company. I am now using Roon on the D&D’s with a rooDial, which works awesome (see rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial).

I wonder if that could be made to control the volume in the 8cs directly?

If its controllable in roon then yes it should work

I believe Roon/RAAT is already controlling the internal 8c volume so rooDial would be controlling this (via the Roon API)

My guess is that it only works with the Roon compatible beta-firmware for now (but I’m not sure). With rooDail I can controls both volume etc. when playing music directly from Roon as well as control volume from the D&D input (in my case AES).

It would be great if it was able to control the 8c volume. I will be switching between Roon and analog input and it would be awesome to have the dial for control of the analog volume :slight_smile:

Nathan, it does.

If you have the beta firmware. Which most people don’t have so it won’t work for most people. Unless I’m mistaken?

GraemeM, that is indeed what I mentioned yesterday. I think you have to have a beta-firmware version that supports Roon to be able to use rooDial.

That’s great news Jan.

I have ordered a surface dial and pi zero (which will work with my current setup). So it’s great that will work once the Roon integration is released.

In 2023…

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That soon :joy:

While waiting for the upcoming streaming features of the 8c, I went into the basement and pulled this old guy:

That’s a Pioneer PDR-05 that I bought new in 1995 or 96. It’s connected to my miniDSP SHD studio which I use as a digital pre-amp (volume control+input selection), and then to a pair of 8c, which does pretty much the rest of the work: DAC, amplification, room equalization… The Pionneer sounds pretty much like when it was new.

Apply Room correction to your DD8C . You are missing out A LOT .

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

You don’t need D&D beta firmware to be able to use RooDial and Roon, with the 8C’s, the dial (once set up as a Roon extension), can be selected to control any of the zones you currently have available in Roon. If your 8C’s are connected to a DAC/streamer visible to Roon the RooDial can control its volume.