Dutch & Dutch 8c: Automatically Disconnect Streaming

Got mine updated to the new 2.0 firmware. Does anyone know what the “Automatically Disconnect Streaming” switch under “Input Mode” in the ascend web app does?

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It does switch from Streaming to the last selected input automatically when the stream stops. Opening a new stream automatically switches (back) to Streaming.

FYI the automatic stop streaming is still /can be a little buggy, if you have an album or playlist with multi format FLAC it’ll stop / pause when changing bitrates. It’s fine if unselected.

Hallo\hello Martijn,

I’m a happy user of the speakers and have been tinkering with them for some time. Today I upgraded to 2.0. I see a lot of work has been put in and the web app works very fluently. Well done. I have my own web socket connection to them (for volume regulation via all sorts of ways) which I can now simplify to one connection. I noticed something in the Roon client though: the reported volume level is dependent on the current input. E.g. if AES input is set to -10, then it reports -10 even though the streaming volume in the speakers is set to another value. When Roon playback starts the displayed and controllable volume is set for the “streaming” input. The drawback of this is that setting volume before playback (which apparently feels natural to do) won’t work. Perhaps an option is to allways lock the volume control to that of “inputMode”:“streaming”. By the way I have “Automatically disconnect Streaming” enabled. Maybe it is also an idea to have the input volume control split out in the UI (at least streaming separate from the default input) to prevent confusion. Lastly a feature request is: Have a per input selected room matching setting. I prefer slightly different settings for music as for movies (coming in on AES).

Regards \ vr. gr.


Maybe this should be an option then, because I use Roon’s volumecontrol for my AES input as well (with RooDail) with my streamer set with a fixed volume level. This way, I can control both the streaming and AES volume with one volumecontroller.