Dutch & Dutch 8c: firmware v2.0

Roon’s been cooking for a long, long, long time. Anticipation has been building, literally for years. I myself made the mistake of leaking that the 8c’s would ‘soon’ be Roon-Ready. It’s a mistake that has been haunting us ever since, and it’s been frustrating for all of you who’ve been waiting for the 8c’s to become Roon-Ready.

What we’re seeing right now, is the result of Roon Labs and Dutch & Dutch not adequately coordinating the release of the Roon Store and the Roon-Ready firmware. The misalignment makes it appear as if we’ve jumped the gun.

The roll-out of Firmware 2.0 is scheduled to start tomorrow. We’ll release it to 8c’s in the field in batches, and if all goes well, everybody will have access to the new firmware before New Year’s.

Merry Christmas guys.


Thank you @Martijn_Mensink!

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Bravo and congratulations for all the work done!

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Great news :slight_smile: Looking forward to it :wink:

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Awesome news !

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Thanks for the honesty @Martijn_Mensink, much appreciated.

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Thanks for the straight forward response and acknowledgement of things that could/should have been better handled. Nothing more I’d love for us to quit talking about this and just enjoy the results – and I expect you would agree. I look forward to the update.

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Are there any special instructions for updating to the new firmware and getting the new app?

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I wonder in what order it will be rolled out? Speaker number?

I would expect instruction will appear on the firmware page before it starts rolling out:


I have the same question. Will it be geographical, by serial, or random? Or some other fourth way?

@Martijn_Mensink Hi Martijn, Since today I have firmware 1.5.210 available. Is it the Roon ready one that you started to roll-out?

yes it is.

So according to the doc you linked to. 2.0 requires the ascend app and that is only available in android now. The IOS app isn’t available yet. So if you don’t have an android mobile your out of luck ???


You can use a web base one from any device, see link above.


The official release one is: http://app.ascend.audio

Woohoo, 2.0 installed and learning to use Roon :smiley:


Does anyone know if REW is part of this release?

It is not.

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Before i update to the Roon ready update, can anyone say if i loose the eq settings l have set with REW?

No you won’t loose them, in fact its what you need to do. REW in 1.4.xx then install v2.0.

You’ll find your REW filters in ‘Migrated setting’.

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