Dutch & Dutch 8c: pre-Roon Ready thread

Listening to Nils Fram’s Solo made me realize that the new Grimm subwoofers were in a different league from anything I’d heard before (I love my D & D speakers also)!

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Yes ! Grimm do amazing speakers as well!
I actually looked at them, but they where a bit to expensive , and you need the subwoofers to be cool :smiley:

Nils Frahm is amazing ! The new album All Melody is also extremely good !

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To whet your appetite…

I have a ZINIO Stereophile subscription, good value actually.



Already red the article. Nice @mitr
As always good to have insights on usability, which is not common in reviews.

Tomorrow i am going to calibrate my Dutch and Dutch.
I cant use Roon and Room Correction yet, so i am going to calibrate them using the
24 Parametric EQ filter built inside them.

Cant wait for Roon to do proper filters!

Ill take some before and after curves. My goal is to eliminate the biggest problems in the room and
make the mid-range a little more dominant. Thats how a like it !

It is very easy to use convolution in Roon today. Audiolense, Acourate and HAF produce nice filters. You could even use Dirac, but then one would have to create a useful impulse response through Dirac’s correction. Like @KMan is talking about here: Near-field Room correction and crossover in Roon
Good luck!

Thank you !
This is some new grounds for me !

Is there an ETA when these speaker will receive full Roon Ready certification? Anyone have any idea what is causing the, now, 8 month (?) delay in this being given? Technical issues of some sort?

It is almost over 1,5 years I would say. No ETA available.

I believe Roon has already done their part in testing the 8c. Dutch & Dutch is listed on Roon’s network partner page. See Brice_Lang’s post further up the thread. The delay is still there though, probably due to some issue only D&D knows about.


They are on the list since months…they needed to overall something in their firmware update method and will then continue with Roon. Roon is not that difficult, but the perfect reliable sync between the speakers is. Roon does not support “master/slave” devices, so they developed something proprietary.


Roon supports master/slave, 99% of the active speakers are built this way.
Dutch and Dutch 8C is Master/Master… They need to be 100% synchronized, that´s what causing the delay. And the problem is not easily fixed… of what ive heard, is that a master master configuration will be better than a master/slave.

This problem is a new one …


Hello @mathias_belevid !

This is the group i was talking about :slight_smile:
Thank you for the help today. My D&D8C sounds much better, even the little we did with Parametric EQ did a lot to improve SQ !

I cant wait for ROON now, more then ever. I really want to unleash the power by applying room filters directly in the source - ROON. That will be INSANE !

I have dreamt about this for a while now…

Not really: There should be one master clock! And Roon does not support synchronization between “endpoints” from my knowledge. Master/Slave is also not supported from my knowledge: One Master is distributing the audio signal to another loudspeaker (which is not a slave, distribution is made by own design of manufacturer e.g like Kef LS50W with a cable between the speakers, only one speaker is “speaking” with Roon). D&D is syncing two endpoints to each other. There must be one master - how can it work with two master (which means two master clocks).

ah, yes. I spoke more in general, like the LS50W. One “master” the other “slave”, one clock, one endpoint. Speaker speaks to speaker

I believe thats the problem… D&D8C = 2 roon endpoints = 2 clocks = needs to synchronize.

But i might be superwrong …

you are totally right - two clocks needs to be synchronized throughout a home (!) network. This protocol has to be robust.

As @mitr said; his review pair was like D&D described it to me last year:

Roon streams to one of the 8c’s in a zone. This master 8c then redistributes the audio (via AES/EBU - my comment) to the other 8c('s) in the group. All 8c’s sync to the master clock.

I still think this is a good way to do it even if is appears ‘less elegant’ than two networked speakers that sync.


Have you done some Parametric EQ on yours ?

Both speakers appear as one endpoint! Sometimes it was a little buggy (it is still beta), but it appeared as one system. There is no direct physical connection between the speakers: both are connected to the ethernet and sync over it.

hmm, missed this , and very interesting.
Are we sure this is the way its going to be in the end, or just a quick fix for the review…

then i dont really understand the almost 2 year delay :smiley: